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BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Oct 24, 2008

This is show #59, The Devil’s Music for the last part of October, 2008.

Hey, everybody! This is Dave Harrison, coming at ya once again from the blues filled studio in the Star City of Virginia! Well, this time of year has everyone thinking about Halloween and the sights of ghosts, witches, devils and generally evil things! Even our beloved music was called the Devil’s Music! Well, that’s the theme of our show! So are you ready to hear some Devil’s Music? I hope so! Crank it up my friends, we’re off and running!

Well, we started off show #59 with Billy Jones singing At Da’ Crossroads. Who else can we expect to hear from on this spooky BluzNdaBlood show? How about Smokey Wilson, Standing At The Crossroads;  Roomful of Blues, Standing Here At The Crossroads; Sean Costello, How in the Devil; Albert Castiglia, Ghosts of Mississippi; Chainsaw Dupont, Devil Turn True; Coco Montoya, Fear No Evil; Big Bill Morganfield, Evil; Corey Stevens, I Get Evil; Billy Jones, Deal Wit’ Da’ Devil; Johnny Nicholas, Sleeping With the Devil; Tinsley Ellis, Come Hell or High Water; and finishing up the show will be Watermelon Slim and the Workers, Devil’s Cadillac.

Special thanks to all the record labels, the artists, and the listeners who helped contribute to the show!  A special thank you always goes out to Michael Allen and the
Crossroads Blues Gallery for the excellent artwork that enhances my web pages!

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