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Thanks for visiting The BluzNdaBlood Show site! This labor of love started back in June of 2006, so you have LOTS of shows to listen to! So get a refill of your favorite drink, grab a seat, and get ready to get some blues in the blood!

It's your first stop for the best of the blues!

BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Sep 25, 2008

Well, we started of the show with Ian Parker playing The Moral Men. So who else are we gonna hear from on the show? How about Albert Castiglia, Party Till the Cows Come Home; Henry Correyy and The Correydors, Standin’ Here Alone; JW Jones, Tickets on Yourself; Zachary Harmon, Hattie Mae; Peggy Ratusz, Sexual High; Boo...

Sep 15, 2008

This is show #56, National Women in Blues Festival Preview Podcast – for the first part of September, 2008.

Well, we started of the show with Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women playing Don’t You Tell Me! Who else are we going to be hearing from? How about our Friday headliner, Gaye Adegbalola playing She Just Wants...