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BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Sep 25, 2007

This is show #34, Benoit Blues for the last part of September, 2007.

Welcome back, my friends! This is Dave Harrison from the BluzNdaBlood podcast coming at ya from the blues packed little studio in the beautiful Star City of Virginia!

The show is a great one! I recently saw Tab Benoit when he was in my neck of the woods! He rocked the house and I thought what a great idea it would be to highlight his talent for this show! So you ready for some Benoit Blues? I hope so! Crank it up my friends, we’re off and running!

We started off this Benoit Blues show with Night Train by Tab Benoit. Who else are we gonna hear from on this Benoit Blues show? Well, how about Jimmy Thackery playing with Tab on Bad Luck Blues; Mem Shannon, Who Are They; Phillip Walker, Happy Man Blues; Chainsaw Dupont, Bluesomatic; Melanie Mason, Mississippi Blues; Watermelon Slim and the Workers, Frisco Line; Mason Casey, Chesterfield County Jail; Tab Benoit and LeRoux, Moon Comin Over the Hill; and Tab Benoit, Vodoo on the Bayou, Fever for the Bayou and Bone Pickin.

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