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Thanks for visiting The BluzNdaBlood Show site! This labor of love started back in June of 2006, so you have LOTS of shows to listen to! So get a refill of your favorite drink, grab a seat, and get ready to get some blues in the blood!

It's your first stop for the best of the blues!

BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Jan 14, 2021

Intro Song –
Victor Wainwright & The Train, “South End Of A North Bound Mule”, Memphis Loud

First Set
JD Taylor, “If It Ain’t Good”, The Coldwater Sessions
Ben Levin, “you Know”, Carryout Or Delivery
Forrest McDonald Band, “Blues In The Basement”, Blues In The Bucket

Second Set –
Linsey Alexander, “My Days Are So Long”, Live At Rosa’s
JW Jones ID
JW Jones, “Same Mistakes”, Sonic Departures
Ben Rice & RB Stone, “Crushin’ On The Bartender”, Out Of The Box
John Nemeth, “Sweep The Shack”, Stronger Than Strong

Third Set – WIB
Erin Harpe, “Woman Be Wise”, Meet Me In The Middle, Sippie Wallace cover
Crystal Shawanda, “Blame It On The Sugar”, Church House Blues
Kat Riggins, “Meet Your Maker”, Cry Out

Fourth Set
Bobby Rush, “Garbage Man”, Rawer Than Raw
Mick Kolassa, “We Gotta”, If You Can’t Be Good, Be Good At It
Henry Gray & Bob Corritore, “Javelina Jamboree”, HG & BC Session Vol. 2: Cold Chills