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BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Jul 7, 2010

This is show #99.5, Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival Preview Show!


Hey there! This is your Blue Ridge bluesman, Dave Harrison once again coming at you from the little rockin’ studio in the Star City of Virginia … Wow, what a great show!


No, this isn’t Show 100 as you would expect, but it is time for the Blue Ridge Blues Society’s 5th Annual Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival and that means a preview show! What a great lineup that we have this year! I know this show is heard around the world, but if you’re anywhere near the State of Virginia in the USA, you need to come to Roanoke! You’ll know after this show that Roanoke will be the place to be!


We started off the show with the great bluesman that is headlining the festival, the great Matt “Guitar” Murphy playing his tune “Headin’ Northwest” from his Roesch Records CD called “Lucky Charm”.


The Festival starts off with a blues competition that has 10 bands competing to represent the Blue Ridge Blues Society in the 2011 International Blues Competition in Memphis, TN! The competition starts at Noon and runs until the winner is announced! What’s exciting with our competition is that the winner gets included in the 2010 Big Lick Blues Festival!


So who else are we gonna hear from on today’s Blue Ridge Blues and BBQ Festival Preview Show?


How about LaBron Lazenby and the L.A. 3 playing “Shake Your Boogie”, then followed up with “Going Down”, and “Tramp”! This group represented Knoxville in the IBC’s lately and I’m now a big follower! What talent!


After the LaBron Lazenby and the L.A. 3, we’re treated with Sean Chambers with his tune, “Blues and Rock N Roll”; "You’re Gonna Miss Me”, and then “Make It Go”...  these are all off of the Ten Til Midnight CD from Blue Heat Records. 


After Sean, it’s The Nouveaux Honkies with their “Memphis Bound”. Then that great tune is followed up by “Sun Boogie” and “Give Me My Money” from their latest Live At Sun CD from BluzPik Rekerdz.


Following The Nouveaux Honkies, is the one and only Matt “Guitar” Murphy! He started off our show and now will entertain us with “Willie Mae”, “Boogie Overture”, amd wrapping up the show with “Time To Move On”… I love the lyrics “Your wine tastes like vinegar, your coffee like mud, You walk like Daffy Duck, and You Talk like Elmer Fudd!” Now that’s a blues put down! LOL! These are all available on the Roesch Records CD Lucky Charm.


Be sure to swing by the BluzNdaBlood Booth at the festival! I’ve got tons of great CDs to give away! Stop by and say “Hey!”…


Well, you know the routine! Now that you’ve heard this great music, go out and buy the music! Or go out and see them live! Then buy their music and tell them you heard their music on The BluzNdaBlood Show! Your first stop for the best of the blues!


Special thanks to Michael Allen, from the Crossroads Blues Gallery for letting me use his great artwork on my web sites! Also, special thanks to Mike Hatcher for all his hard work in giving my web site a much needed face lift! We plan to have it up and live for my 100th show!


Enjoy the show and keep in touch! I can be found at MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter! Or better yet, e-mail me at

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Until next time, this is Dave Harrison, reminding you to keep the blues alive and keep the blues in the blood!