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BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Jan 19, 2010

This is show #89, The Mikey Junior Interview!

Welcome back, everybody! This is your blues DJ Dave Harrison coming at you from the little rockin’ studio in the Star City of Virginia… Well, we’ve got a special treat for you on this show! It’s totally jam packed with some great music featuring Mikey Junior and The Stone Cold Blues Band!

Well, I started off the show with Mikey Junior playing that Jr. Wells great tune Snatch It Back off his 8th Train Record CD called “the 420 sessions!”

So, who else is on the lineup for today’s show? Absolutely no one else! But we’ll be hearing Checkin’ Up On My Baby from the same CD! After that we’ll get the treat of hearing a couple of tunes off of the 2004 CD “the new york city sessions”, Low Down and Little Baby!

After these great Mikey Junior appetizers, we’ll hear Had A Woman from his 2006 CD, “Look Inside My Pocket.” Then join Mikey Junior and me at the Blue 5 Restaurant for an interview that includes other great tunes! During the interview breaks, we’ll hear Down at the Juke Joint, and Whiskey by the Glass! We’ll then hear more incredible tunes off his “mikey likes it” CD with Car Trouble, and Mighty Long Time! Well, we’ll learn in the interview that the day of our interview was the official release of “Pocketful of Money” which is a super CD which features Mikey Junior, guitar monster Matt Daniels, with some help from Jimmy Pritchard. We’ll treat you to their title track!  Wrapping up the interview and the show is “What You Say” and “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright!

Special thanks to Mikey Junior and the Stone Cold Blues Band for their FANTASTIC performance at the Blue 5 restaurant! I’ve included various videos of the show on the BluzNdaBlood YouTube site! Check ‘em out!

Be sure to swing by the BluzNdaBlood home page! There are hyperlinks to all the great music that you hear on my show!

Enjoy the show and keep in touch! I can be found at MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter! Or better yet, e-mail me at

Until next time, this is Dave Harrison, reminding you to keep the blues alive and keep the blues in the blood!