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Thanks for visiting The BluzNdaBlood Show site! This labor of love started back in June of 2006, so you have LOTS of shows to listen to! So get a refill of your favorite drink, grab a seat, and get ready to get some blues in the blood!

It's your first stop for the best of the blues!

BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Feb 27, 2008

This is show #43, Black and Blues for the last part of February, 2008.

Well, we started of the show with Cephas and Wiggins, Aint Seen My Baby. We will also have Big George Jackson, Kitchen Sink Boogie; Big Bill Broonzy, Wee Wee Hours; Albert Collins, Johnny Copeland, and Robert Cray, The Moon is Full; James Cotton, Superharp; Billy Jones, At Da’ Crossroads; Boo Boo Davis, Standing and the Cottonfields; Boo Boo Davis, Shut That Door; Chick Willis, What The Blues Is All About; Corey Harris, 5-0 Blues; John Lee Hooker, Too Much Boogie; Jessie Mae Hemphill, Lord, Help the Poor and Needy; Lightnin’ Hopkins, Have You Ever Loved A Woman; Robert Lockwood Jr., Train My Baby; and Sonny Terry, Cold Wind Blowing.