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BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Oct 15, 2007

This is show #35, National Women in Blues Festival Preview Podcast for the middle part of October, 2007.


We start off this National Women in Blues Festival preview podcast with E.G. Kight playing Let the Blues Move You and Trouble with a Capital T. Who else are we gonna hear from on this Friday night preview show? Well, how about Sandy Atkinson with Red Hot Mammas and Cool DaddyOs, Snuggle Up, and Wild Thing a.k.a. Mary’s Blues! Following Sandy will be Sarah Lemieux, with Moonshine, and Ba Loo Lah Blues. Then we’ll hear from Lara Price and Laura Chavez with Old Love, and Faces of the Blues. We’ll hear a little more from Lara with The Lara Price Band playing It’s Alright! We’ll wrap up our podcast with our Friday night headliner E.G. Kight with Somewhere in Atlanta, and Blues and Greens. What a lineup!

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