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Thanks for visiting The BluzNdaBlood Show site! This labor of love started back in June of 2006, so you have LOTS of shows to listen to! So get a refill of your favorite drink, grab a seat, and get ready to get some blues in the blood!

It's your first stop for the best of the blues!

BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Jan 1, 2012

Well, we started off the show with the great instrumental from Matt Daniels, lead guitarist from Mikey Junior and Stone Cold Blues Band! So who else is on the show?

Well, how about Steve Gerard and the National Debonnaires featuring James "Rock" Grey, Janiva Magness, Sena Ehrhardt, Alex Schultz and the Royal Crown Horns, Zac Harmon, Whiteboy James and the Blues Express, The Cash Box Kings, Nora Jean Bruso, Watermelon Slim, J.T. Coldfire, Willie Haddath, and ending the show with the great Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers!  So are you to get Back In The Blues Groove? Well, I hope so! Crank it up my friends, we’re off and running!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed show #134!...  You know the routine! Now that you've heard this great music, go out and buy their music! Or better yet, go hear them live and tell them you heard their music on The BluzNdaBlood Show, your first stop for the best of the blues!

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So until next time, I'm Dave Harrison reminding you to keep the blues alive and keep the blues in the blood!