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BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Aug 14, 2010

This is show #101, Riverfront Repeat!


Hey! Welcome back, everybody! This is your blues DJ, Dave Harrison once again coming at you from the beautiful Star City of Virginia … Well, this show is gonna be a good one! Last weekend, I ventured up to Wilmington, Delaware and attended the Riverfront Blues Festival! Hats off to the Diamond State Blues Society! They had such an incredible line-up, I figured I would play tunes from a lot of artists!


Well, we started off the show with Al Blake from the Hollywood Blue Flames playing “Jalopy To Drive”….


So who else are we gonna hear from on today’s Riverfront Repeat?


How about Mitch Kashmar, “Night Creeper”; Kirk Fletcher, “Found Love”; Matt “Guitar” Murphy, “Headin Northwest”; The Nouveaux Honkies, “Memphis Bound”; Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers Blues Quartet, “Sunbird” and “You Better Watch Yourself”; Mike Zito, “Dirty Blonde” and “Change My Ways”; John Lee Hooker Jr., “Suspicious”; Deanna Bogart, “Still The Girl In The Band”; Magic Dick, “Whammer Jammer”; and wrapping up with Tommy Castro playing “Make It Back From Memphis”….


Well, you know the routine! Now that you’ve heard this great music, go out and by the music! Or go out and see them live! Then buy their music and tell them you heard their music on The BluzNdaBlood Show! Your first stop for the best of the blues!


Special thanks to Mike Hatcher for all his hard work in giving my web site a much needed face lift! We plan to have it up very soon!


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Until next time, this is Dave Harrison, reminding you to keep the blues alive and keep the blues in the blood!