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BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Feb 27, 2008

This is show #43, Black and Blues for the last part of February, 2008.

Hey, welcome back, my blues brothers and sisters! This is Dave Harrison, your bluesman coming at ya once again from the Star City of Virginia. This month is Black History Month! As a result I’ve created this show with a lineup of only African American bluesmen and blues women. But this show is dedicated to the black men and women that were in the cotton fields that created this music that has evolved and enriched our lives through the years! So you  ready for some Black and Blues? I hope so! Crank it up my friends we’re off and running!

Well, we started of the show with Cephas and Wiggins, Aint Seen My Baby. We will also have Big George Jackson, Kitchen Sink Boogie; Big Bill Broonzy, Wee Wee Hours; Albert Collins, Johnny Copeland, and Robert Cray, The Moon is Full; James Cotton, Superharp; Billy Jones, At Da’ Crossroads; Boo Boo Davis, Standing and the Cottonfields; Boo Boo Davis, Shut That Door; Chick Willis, What The Blues Is All About; Corey Harris, 5-0 Blues; John Lee Hooker, Too Much Boogie; Jessie Mae Hemphill, Lord, Help the Poor and Needy; Lightnin’ Hopkins, Have You Ever Loved A Woman; Robert Lockwood Jr., Train My Baby; and Sonny Terry, Cold Wind Blowing.

Friends, we can’t change history but we can learn from it and learn to live in peace and respect for our fellow man. Each and every one of us can make a difference! To me, I don’t care if you are yellow, black, white, or purple! But if you’re blue and you got the blues in the blood, then you’re all right with me and a friend of mine for life!

A special thank you always goes out to Michael Allen and the Crossroads Blues Gallery for the excellent artwork that enhances my web pages!

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