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BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

May 7, 2007

This is show #28, “Melanie, Massacre, Melon, and Moving On�? for the first part of May, 2007.


Welcome back, my blues brothers and sisters! This is Dave Harrison, your blues dude from the BluzNdaBlood podcast coming at ya from the beautiful Star City of Virginia! Well, this show has been in the works for a  little while. I decided to do the Watermelon Slim interview first. Honestly, it seemed easier to crank out since I’ve had a tough time focusing on the shows.


The theme of this show is four M’s. Melanie, the first M, is the great artist I happened to hear. She opened for Buddy Guy and we will hear two great songs from her this show. On April 16th, the Massacre (the second M) happened at Va Tech and the world slowed down to a crawl. Me included. Fortunately, WaterMelon Slim (Melon, is the third M) came into town and he helped me get out of my funk with an interview! Finally we are Moving On (the final M) with a special tribute for Virginia Tech as the last song of the show! Ready for our show about four M’s? Hope so! Crank it up my friends, we’re off and running!


We started off the 4 M show with Memphis P. Tails with It Aint Easy! Who else is gonna rock our socks off in this show? How about David Rotundo and the Blue Canadians, Butt Bustin Boogie; Melanie Mason, Crave; Steve Johnson, Flat Tire Blues; Paris James, Send For My Baby; Melanie Mason, Preachin Blues; The Fabulous House Rockers, Fussin and Fightin; Watermelon Slim and The Workers, Truck Driving Mama; Duke Robillard, You Gotta Use What You Got; Sue Foley, New Used Car;  Billy Jones, Da Love Doctor; The Daddy Mack Blues Band, Plain Man; Sam Myers, Let You Slowly Bring Me Down; Chumslick Nick and the Sharks, I Used to Wake Up With You; Albert Collins, Johnny Copeland, and Robert Cray; The Moon is Full; and The Season, Forever Changed.


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Keep the Blues Alive and Keep the Blues in the Blood!


over twelve years ago

Thank you for the fine programs.
My sympathies and condolences to all those suffering as a result of the Va Tech Massacre. I was a student at the University of Texas at Austin at the time of the massacre there, so I identify with you, and wish you, and everyone else grieving at this time, well as you go through the healing process.