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BluzNdaBlood Dave Harrison

Apr 30, 2007

This is show #27, Watermelon Slim for the last part of April, 2007.


Welcome back, my friends! This is Dave Harrison, your DJ for the BluzNdaBlood podcast coming at ya once again from the beautiful Star City of Virginia! Well, this show was meant to be a combination of tunes from various artists and an interview I had with Watermelon Slim! As I was putting the show together, I decided to separate these into two shows! Some listeners always comment that they like the show for a lack of talking! So I’ll be making two different shows. This one and one coming out shortly that has lots of various artists!


Watermelon Slim came through my part of the world on the 22nd and he was gracious enough to let me throw some questions his way! I visited Slim at his hotel about 45 minutes before he was to go on stage at a new local venue in town called the 202 Market. The weather was beautiful and his hotel door was open. You’ll hear trucks, cars, birds, and even Mike Newberry coming in the room while Slim was singing a holler for us. I hope this interview gives you a chance to learn about one of the greatest bluesman touring today. So what tunes are gonna be added in between some of the questions? We are starting off with the Draft Board Blues, followed by some great tunes off his brand new NorthernBlues Music CD, The Wheel Man. I’ll be playing Newspaper Reporter, I’ve Got News, Truck Driving Mama, and Drinking and Driving! Ready to get started? Crank it up my friends, we’re off and running!


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